Healing By Sharing

Find healing by sharing your own story. As I share mine, pick up the lessons and apply them one at a time.


Read these stories. Find one similar to yours. Pick up the lessons. Find healing and freedom.

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Depression And The Idea Of God

If God is real, then why…why do I feel depressed? Why. Why. Why. There are so many why’s. But there’s one why I also want an answer for. Actually, two. If God is indeed real, why do I feel down and lonely and empty? But, why would I expect that question to be rational, anyway?

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How To Help A Lost Friend

It feels so happy to free a burdened, lost, and anxious soul. I just came from a calm, sincere, and heart-to-heart talk with my best friend who I think was lost, and I’m just too inspired not to write about the experience immediately. If there’s one thing I realized, it’s that love finds its way without forcing itself. It finds your way, as it did mine, and as it did Thea’s. So I’m writing about how to help a lost friend—but maybe, just not the conventional way.

true love works, true love means freedom, healing by love, friendship, family, best friends, relationships

How Genuine Love Heals

Slowly but surely—as the popular adage goes—I’m seeing my best friend live. It turns out that genuinely loving a person does heal. How does that work? How does genuine love heal? Well, rather than being buckets that only seek to be filled, would we not find more happiness, and thereby, experience healing, in being conduits of genuine love to one another?

happy father and daughter, dysfunctional father, emotional dysfunction

Why I Don’t Have Emotions for My Dysfunctional Father

An apparently emotionless father would have a daughter living in emotional hell. That’s me, the daughter. I’ve suffered many things from my dysfunctional father.

codependent relationships, the need to be needed, addiction, friendship, emptiness, brokenness, attachment

What Codependency Is

I searched the WordPress Reader for the term and came across a blog. Finally, I saw a definition of codependency that was clear as noonday. A codependent happens to be someone like me, but wait—there’s more.

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Why I Needed Self-Parenting As A Young Adult

I just read an article today from The Psych Talk, and I feel so delighted to see myself in most—if not all—of its points. I suppose you’d be sad if it’s your first time to realize such things about yourself. As for my case though, it’s been a while since I tried to understand my…

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