Healing By Sharing

Find healing by sharing your own story. As I share mine, pick up the lessons and apply them one at a time.


Read these stories. Find one similar to yours. Pick up the lessons. Find healing and freedom.

Are You Having Trust Issues?

My best friend does. I think I do have a bit of it, too.


Once you had a dream. You wished to be free. You fought your battles. They were hard and long. You woke up. That night. It was. Just a dream. You dreamed you’ved dreamed. Obviously, you’re confused. Your mind had nothing else to do. You wander. At times, you plunder. You hold yourself against anyone. You…

A Disturbed Mind

A movie done. A holiday. It’s yet too early. Nothing to do Nothing to share Just. A disturbed mind. Thoughts running From here and there. No place to hide No chance to weep. Everything’s foggy. You’ve got nothing left But A disturbed mind. What do you do? What do I do? She’s all out there….

Employment, Employers and Employees

Employers assume that employees have well-organized lives. In short, we’re supposed to be robots. Bossess assume that we don’t feel a rush when certain random but meaningful ideas come out of our minds. We simply stay here in our cubicles and exercise robotship. That’s not too lovely to hear, but it is nearer to what…

how to stay strong

How Do You Keep Yourself Breathing?

You ponder. You imagine. You envision. A life. Sometimes. It is just not easy. But you got to get going anyway. You feel. All the blues. Wishing. It was all snowy white. Inside. Out. But. You realize. You need to keep on. You got to show. You need to go on. Because. She’s there. She…

abandoned by my soulmate

A Messy Life

My life has been a mess. And to be honest, right now I do feel I’m hopeless. Someone seems to be tidying me up—or out—of her life. Stumbled, Again Earlier this year (2019), I had a resolution. I was “getting rational about an impossible romance.” So, I thought everything was going to be fine. That…

About Pensive Feels

My dear friend, we’re quite on the same boat. I’ve had my share of struggles similar to yours.