A Painful Communication Gap

You’re together but you’re not. Her hands on her phone. Too busy to communicate for real. It’s such a painful communication gap.

I hate it.

She even forgot that she promised to eat dinner with you.

Anyway, she’s already full. How could she care?

Besides, she’s so fond of her new-found friend now. I’m jealous. Really.

And just like that, the gloomy new year continues.

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Virtual vs real friends: a painful communication gap
I hate phones when they ruin real relationships.

My Heart Has Been Constantly Bleeding

Thea approached me as she woke up yesterday morning. She told me I felt distant.

I mean… She felt that I was so distant.

The truth is that I, too, could not feel that she was ever accessible these days, especially as she’s more frequently having her “own-world” moments.

I could almost regret that I’ve given her a new phone for a Christmas gift. But I had good reasons for doing so. (Note for me: expound on this later.)

Anyway, as I was saying, my heart has been bleeding. I feel so down.

I don’t even feel like finishing this post. But, yeah, I have to post this anyhow.

And it’s just like that. We’re having such a painful communication gap. It’s even affecting my writing now.

I feel broken. And I am just speechless.

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