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Someone like you. Searching for meaning. Swinging under the tree.

Who Am I?

I choose to hide my identity because of the controversies I expose and the extremely personal stories I tell.

While some may dare to unveil theirs, mine would remain clothed. It’s actually beneficial.

By not sharing my real name, I can tell you exactly how I’ve been feeling, what my struggles are, and what sins I’ve eventually overcome.

But if you want to call me by some name, just call me PF.

My Story

I grew up in a fairly “good” family, or so I thought. Back then, I was silently proud of my background because we did not behave like silly monkeys fighting at home. I heard no yells from mom or dad. I’ve never witnessed flying saucers or other clanging kitchenware while at home.

Unlike many dysfunctional families, ours was quite not the obvious type. In fact, we had a religious image. I mean, even now, we still have that image. But, in recent years, I gradually came to the conclusion that our family was no different. And, my ill behavior in some relationships is the ultimate proof.

I wouldn’t reveal too much for now because I plan to share more of my realizations as blog posts. Suffice it to say at the moment that I have learned, only later, that I also have been emotionally abused.

Life was too good for me to have noticed that. Now, I could not thank heavens enough for opening my eyes to my real condition. But my knowledge is yet growing. Even until now, I’m still trying to figure out those peculiar things about myself.

And yes, since I’ve already mentioned it a bit, let me just make myself clear. I do believe in a higher power above myself, but I am not the typical believer. I’m still on that journey of knowing that Person better. I struggle, but I hold on to the hope that someday, that unselfish God will find my way.

We’ll Get There

So, for the days ahead that we’ll journey together, I hope you will find the inspiration to go on despite the many challenges you and I share.

Please join me and let us hold each other in prayer.

Let’s proceed to my blog.

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