Once you had a dream.

You wished to be free.

You fought your battles.

They were hard and long.

You woke up.

That night.

It was.

Just a dream.

You dreamed you’ved dreamed.

Obviously, you’re confused.

Your mind had nothing else to do.

You wander.

At times, you plunder.

You hold yourself against anyone.

You know you’re being off.

But you can’t help it.

Can you?

What a life it was that you lived!

But you’re not yet done.

There is just no point in trying to tell.

You have had despair.

You have had remorse.

Are you still kicking it?

Will you gather up courage to battle once more?

Even this once?

It was a dream.

But you were so affected.

You had all your might poured on it.

You were so determined you will have your fighting chance.

You had it.

But you lost.

How will get back up again?

How will your battles be won?

Is there anything now that can ease your mind?

Isn’t there nothing better than just expressing it?

Even if you don’t understand.

Even if nothing comes your way and you don’t see.

You will fight.

Because you want the dream back.

It is everything to you.

It is your everything.

Are you mad?

Are you struggling with madness within yourself?

Do you think your battle is just too strong?

But you got to handle it.

Else, none would.

No, they would not help.

Everyone around you seems to be obsessed about helping only oneself.

How could you wait?

Will you just wait?

Or… will you fight?

Fight for your dream?

Will you have the guts?

Are you certain you’re willing to give it everything you have?

Is it worth all the bloodshed?

Will you overcome the tears?

Will you not surrender?

Is your dream worth your life?


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