All others always start at home. But what if I don’t feel at home? What if you don’t feel at home with wherever you are now, either? Should life have to be over for you?

Well, many of us aren’t at home. We find ourselves in a dilemma. We’re helpless about the situation. And, though it really sounds cliché, we’re quite hopeless.

pensive feels, depression, not at home, feeling lost, dysfunctional families
Not at home? So am I.

And that’s perfectly fine. Wait… What?!

Yeah, it’s fine not to be fine. At least we know we aren’t fine, and that already makes a lot of difference.

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Find Your New Home

In case you’re feeling lost, you can either find your way back or find a new way home.

Maybe you just really aren’t in a place where you can be yourself or at least breathe. It’s totally fine.

Again, at least you know your dilemma, and you’re beyond rationalizations now.

pensive feels
Walking and feeling pensive.

And, if that’s precisely the case, then you’re about ready to begin your new journey. It all starts with being honest about how you feel. Things won’t immediately fall into place after that. But, they will, eventually.

So, it’s fine to realize you’re not at home, and it’s perfectly fine to just leave.

If that’s what’s going to make you think about how you feel, that could be the best decision you can make.

I’m Here To Help

Yes, but it’s not an absolute promise. There are things you can do yourself, and there are things I need to bother myself with. If I don’t take care of my own feelings, this company (you and me) will still get into trouble.

And, I’m no expert on psychology whatsoever. I can easily put up my credentials—if I have any—on the subject. But I don’t, simply because I don’t have any.

But, as declared, I’m here to help. What I have are my own set of experiences that plunged me into my current dilemma. Yes, I’m still breathing, and writing all these out helps me get out of the trouble myself.

Three Things

There are three things I can assure you that I won’t do.

  • I don’t force.
  • I don’t beg money.
  • I’m never tricking you into religion—ever.

I don’t force.

I know you’ve been too forced just by everybody. Even the random guy seems to want to take control of you. But not me.

I’m here to tell my own stories, express my feelings, my doubts, my struggles—all my deepest thoughts about my own life and the lives of those closest to me. I also share stories of triumph whenever I already experience them. I don’t want you to feel so down as if there’s never going to be any light beyond the tunnel of my story.

So I won’t force you to do anything. I know you will just realize things by and by. I’m reflecting, you’re going to be reflecting, and that “aha!” moment will come out just as naturally as the leaf finally falls off a tree.

I don’t beg money.

Yes. And though it’s pretty clear in my disclosure that I got some affiliate links and I have ads, I won’t beg you to click on anything. Just go and pursue what you’re interested in. I don’t want to earn anything from begging.

But, of course, I need to live. (I think this 4-word sentence deserves some expansion in a separate post. I will, soon.)

Well, yeah, of course. I do love writing, and most of the time, I’m a deep thinker. If I can express just myself and write on and on and on, and then be able to reach out to people, I think I already found my purpose (or at least one of them). But, if I can make money passively with it, I think that’s a bonus. Call it a blessing or a glimpse of the light at the end of my tunnel—it surely is something very positive.

No religion.

And even if you find keywords here that can make you think otherwise, let me just say again that I’m never forcing you or tricking you into religion.

I’m not mainstream. I won’t be here saying all these stuff if that’s the case.

So, whatever your belief is, you’re welcome here. Anyway, you and I are here to find healing. That is all we need. Well, maybe, at least for now.

So, can we start now?

Sure. Before you read my blog posts, start here. If you’re a returnee, you can go straight to my blog.

Or, if you want to know a little bit more about me, that’s possible, too.

Well, bye for now, and see you around (or check out my latest posts below)!


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