Life Starts Here

Pensive about life.

crossroads, walking pensive, pensive about life, deep thoughts, depression
Pensive on a crossroad.

Pensive. I hope to stick to this theme as I ponder upon and write about my daily encounters with my own feelings.

This can refer to my feelings about my own experiences or about what others are going through.

In this site, I hope to engage you with story after story. I hope to unfold to you some of the deepest secrets of my soul.

Mind. Heart. Relationships. Dysfunctions. Depression. Brokenness. Healing. Freedom.

These are what we struggle with every single day. And these are the very topics that I am most interested in, at least during these days when I’m dreaming of the purest joys possible.

As we journey on, I look forward to hearing from you so I can learn from your experiences, too. Despite the trials that life can offer us, it’s the most fascinating thing to discover that yours is never a singular case. Our stories all have similarities.

With that in mind, let’s discover together how we can finally find freedom and peace.

Let’s feel the pain, embrace it, and become pensive about it until we get there.


How Do You Feel About This?

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