Why I Still Hate Sue

I don’t even like the thought of writing about Sue. If I could sue her for everything, I would. But why do I hate this person so much?

Now I don’t know, as I’m writing, how this post would turn out to be. Let’s just see where this would get me.

She Wasn’t Beautiful

Unlike Thea, Sue wasn’t physically attractive. Sue’s sister—let’s name her Dale—was better off.

Well, as I’m writing this now, I feel like I’m being a bully. But don’t get me wrong.

I don’t want to look down on people, as much as I would never want Thea to feel bullied again. I love Thea. I told you so.

But Sue? I only thought. I’m still disgusted by her. Not that I wanted to condemn her. I’m all for everybody’s healing—not just mine, or Thea’s.

There’s just something in Sue that I’m not even completely aware of. I just don’t want to see her or even hear her.

So why am I writing about her?

Maybe now that I’m experiencing a better relationship with Thea, I’m giving time to think about how my past relationships have failed.

Oh, I’ve got to tell you how this day was a success for me and Thea. We never fought (when almost every day we would).

I’ll report to you what happened in a different post.

Back to Sue.

Whew. I’m having a hard time finding words to tell about her. I’ve dismissed her from my mind for a long time—and that is probably why.

Sue Wouldn’t Want Me To Be With Thea

Oh, now I know. I just knew. I just recalled so suddenly.

I’m not surprised.

I could recall how Sue appeared to be so dramatic while convincing me not to be with Thea.

And I hated Sue for that!

Sue was all-absorbing. Yeah. Selfish, perhaps.

Sue was codependent.


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Sue wanted to jail me. But I wanted freedom. That’s probably why I hated her.

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